Rhythm Hive : Play with BTS, TXT, ENHYPEN!

Ansari, Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Play Rhythm Hive Today ♬
Rhythm Hive Season 2 with BTS, TOMORROW X TOGETHER, and ENHYPEN!
▶ New themes for Season 2!
See all the new cards for BTS, TOMORROW X TOGETHER, and ENHYPEN for Season 2!
Get all their new looks that will be featured first on Rhythm Hive!
▶ Incredible rewards with various quests! Simply play to get rewards!
Quests are waiting for you every day! Don’t forget to play today!
Let’s check out the limited quests on Rhythm Hive!
▶ Get rewarded just for logging in during the Login event
What kind of reward will you get today? Log in and find out!
Log in every day and every week to get tons of rewards.
▶ Rhythm Hive TIME with Hive Pass!
Subscribe to Hive Pass to grow, and FAN Plus to get closer to your favorite artist!
Artist voice packs are waiting for you now! Get more benefits and have more fun in missions and quests!
▶ Edge-of-your-seat Draw!
Best of luck to you! May you get the item you want!
You’ll get to meet normal cards, as well as premium and special promotion draws!
Let’s go play rhythm games on Rhythm Hive, right now!
Rhythm Hive Season 2: Rhy – Quest with BTS, TOMORROW X TOGETHER, and ENHYPEN
So many fun and exciting missions! Let’s go clear them all!
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