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Hotstar MOD APK Download – With Hotstar MOD APK you can enjoy videos in your device for free.  You can watch premium videos here through Hotstar Premium apk.  Apart from this, live sports is also available to watch here.  In today’s time, smartphone is used a lot, because it connects you to the whole world and you get every information in your device.  If you are connected to the internet in your smartphone, then you can watch any trending video online from the latest news.

 Hotstar is also one such platform, where you can watch content online.  Apart from Hotstar’s website, there is also a very popular app which is used by a large number of people.  Through this app you can also stream live TV channels online.  Apart from this, you can also watch movies online.  You can also enjoy TV series in Hotstar for free.

What is Hotstar MOD APK ?

Hotstar is a platform where you can watch live tv, matches, episodes, movies online.  However, internet connection is required to use this app.  You can use it in smartphone as well as in pc.  In PC it works like a website and in smartphone you can install and use its app.

When did Hotstar MOD APK  start?

Hotstar was started on 6 February 2015, which was started to watch live matches on the Android platform in the smartphone.  As of today, it is available in about 9 languages ​​on iOS, Fire TV, Apple TV and web platform apart from Android.

Hotstar MOD APK

Hotstar MOD APK features

You get to see many features in Hotstar Mod Apk.  These features are given in detail below.

No Advertisements

In this mod apk you do not get to see any kind of advertisement and you can enjoy ad free video content.  The content available here is available for free to watch.

Premium & VIP Access

Some content is available for free in Hotstar but some premium content is also available which you can watch for free with mod apk.  Your account works like a VIP subscription in a way in which you can enjoy all types of content.

Live TV

You also get the facility to watch Live TV in Hotstar.  In this mod apk you can stream the live tv channels available here online for free.  Through this app, you get the facility to watch TV channels in your smartphone.

No Login Required

As the name suggests this is a mod apk, so you do not need to login to watch videos in Hotstar mod apk.  You can enjoy free videos as well as premium videos here without logging in.  Apart from this, you can also watch live stream without login, for which you do not need to pay any kind of charge.

Hotstar MOD APK

Free Match Streaming

You can watch live sports like cricket in this app.  This facility is available for premium or VIP users.  Free users can stream live sports for only a few minutes.  When the time limit is reached, it asks you to subscribe and only after subscribing you can watch the live stream.  But in this mod apk your account works like premium users and you can watch live match stream for free.

No Root Required

By rooting the phone, you can add such features to that phone which is not possible without root.  Many apps require that the phone should be rooted.  But the special thing about Hotstar mod apk is that you do not need to root the phone to use this app.  You can watch video content in this app without rooting the phone.


This is a very useful feature of hotstar so that you can watch the video of your choice.  And you can also demand such video which is not available at the moment and will be available for you later.

Access app in Slow Internet

Many apps load very slowly when there is a slow network connection, but the server of this app is very fast and you can access this app even on slow internet.  You can choose the quality of the video while watching videos or live TV and if your internet is slow then you can choose low video quality.  In this way you can watch videos without interruption.

How to download Hotstar Premium?

You will find many websites to download Hotstar mod apk on the internet from where you can download Hotstar mod apk for free.  Hotstar app is available for download in both Android and Apple stores.  You can download Hotstar Mod apk free from the link given below:

Download Hotstar MOD APK Download 2021 Free

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